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At the UIM General Asembly in Turkey 2007, the Cominsport meeting and the Joint Committe meeting, both agreed to allow me as UIM promoter to continue the work with introducing a low emission concept using Mercury 60 hp EFI Four Stroke engine homologated by UIM.

I introduced the idea of a “Project” called “Formula Mercury”. Please notice, this is not a Class, it is a project using same specification as UIM class F4s, but only Mercury 60EFI Four Stroke is allowed. This is to be compared to what they are doing within Formula car racing. There You find Formula BMW, Formula Ford, Formula Toyota aso.

So, Formula Mercury is what we now concentrate on in the midrange Catamarane racing. Seems we will see some 6-7 swedish boats racing 2010 together witfew from Finland and Latvia. At two of the Formula 2000 events in Sweden we will also see a few drivers from Germany and Poland. At these two races we can expect some 13-15 drivers all together coming season.

Take a look at actual driver prospect list.

F4 Driver prospects.xls

Formula 2000 Mercury Grand Prix Series administrators also announce the format for the new ”Support Class”, Formula Mercury, which is considered the premier minor league for high class powerboat racing. It has already some of the best young powerboat racing drivers throughout Northern Europe participating.

The Formula Mercury Championship will become the premier support event at Formula 2000 Mercury Grand Prix events coming seasons. Race format includes the possibility of having two drivers compeeting with same boat. This means, it is the team on the boat” that wins the result. This open up to a situation where two drivers can invest in and race with only one boat. This became a succe first season and it is decided to continue this way for a while. Race format first season did include Timed Trial & two Sprint Races. Some time also a Grand Prix heat was added.

“Formula Four teams and drivers are an extremely important part of the Grand Prix future as it is not only the place for development of future champions. It is also a fantastic show for our race fans and sponsors”.



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