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August 18-2011




Final round of the Scandinavian F2 Mercury Grand Prix 2011 plus Mercury F4 Challenge Cup

September 2-3, 2011.


We are very proud to be part of the Aalborg Events huge Festival, Aalborg in Red , August 30 to September 4.

This is a Culture, Fashion and Sport Festival. Our race course is located in the very center of Aalborg.

We also hope, that the cancelled F4 World Championship race in Karlskrona will be confirmed by UIM to take place at this event in Aalborg. No driver, present in Karlskrona, were against to do the Karlskrona race in Aalborg


We did last Tuesday receive a positive mail from the president of UIM Sports Committe. Let´s go racing. Thursday evening a negative mail on same issue did show up from UIM Office in Monaco, refeering to rules. Which rules? There are no special rules at all in this matter.


More info will follow very soon.


Details about Aalborg Event is to be found under "Races 2011".




August 13-2011




The World Championsip event in Karlskrona was cancelled due to heavy wind.

The races for F4S & F2 is planned to be run in Aalborg September 2-3.


There is already an International Ordinary Event on the UIM Calendar.

So, the event will hopefully be upgraded.





July 27-2011




To all teams participating in the event in Karlskrona August 12-13,

Please book your accomodation urgently. All hotels in town begins to be fully booked


Best wishes

Leif Ahlborg

+46 7063884857





July 14-2011

Karlskrona August 12-13 is coming up next.







We are very happy to welcome all teams and fans to our next event, together with Karlskrona Sail mid August.

This time we will see both F2 & F4S. F4S will have their third rond for the 2011 Worldchampionship.

Final round will be two weeks later in Berlin.


Please find more info under "Races 2011"


Teams for Karlskrona, please look into "Races 2011", where booking codes are to be found.

Karlskrona will be fully booked.








June 15-2011

Motala F2 Powerboat Grand Prix now confirmed by UIM


New info under races 2011




UIM has finally confirmed this event to be an official UIM event for F2.

We are back to the best arena of the year five years in a row beginning of the 20th.




June 08-2011

Motala is waiting for the F2 Powerboat Grand Prix





June 08-2011

Official testing in Nora June 11-12, is cancelled



Unfortunately, I have again to inform all drivers who believe there will be official testing June 11-12, this session is cancelled.

Reason this time is, only four circuit drivers has confirmed their participating.




May 31-2011

Motala back on the F2 calendar.



We are now ready to confirm Motala replacing Strangnas on the Mercury F2 Grand Prix calendar 2011.

We did start finding a solution on finding a new venue replacing Strangnas already same day as cancelling Strangnas.


Pretty soon we did find out, that in Motala July 8-9 there is a Harbour Festival as well as a City Festival.

This venue now has a "three legs" program. A huge amount of people are expected to watch this large event.


We have found a concept for F2 in Motala, beeing even better than during the five events in beginning of the 20th.

We hope to see many drivers again, racing on this favorite race course.


This means that Mercury F2 Grand Prix 2011 will consist of

- Motala July 9

- Karlskrona August 13

- Aalborg September 3


There will be a press meeting Wednesday afternoon announcing these plans for local media.




May 31-2011

New event for F4, replacing Strangnas



It is a pleasure to announce Drammen August 21 replacing Strangnas regarding Mercury F4 Challenge Cup 2011.

This will be first time for Formula Mercury/F-4S in Norway. The race will be organised during Drammen Elvfestival. Same event that many years has hosted F2 on the Drammen River.


This means that the Mercury F4 Challenge Cup 2011 will consist of

- Karlskrona August 13,

- Drammen August 21 and

- Aalborg September 3.


In Drammen we hope to se drivers from Finland, Norway and Sweden.




May 25-2011

New event replacing Strangnas



Since May 17th, when we had to announce the sad situation with cancelling Strangnas, I have been working hard all days to find a replacing venue. We now have the upportunity to come back to a favorite venue from the first five years of the 20th century.

I am talking about Motala July 8-9. Will give You all, all info about the progress of this new situation latest Friday this week.

Hope You all will like this new possibility, not only for 2011 but also for the future.




May 17-2011

Strangnas May 20-21, cancelled



To all Teams

expected to participate in Strangnas, first round of our series 2011, May 20-21.


Today it has suddenly been realised, that the economic conditions earlier announced by our contact at race site,

will not be fulfilled.


Of that reason we have no other options than to cancel the race at this actual date.

We are already in full action, to replace this weekend´s race date with an other date or an other event for 2011.


I am really very very sad. I am frustrated for, what has happened. This is the second time in 15 years we need to

cancel a race. We did for more than ten years replace a certain race, initially booked for Norway, with a new race

organised in Karlsborg, Sweden.


I will be back to You all, hopefully in a few days time, with information on our progress for a new event.

Please understand, we will do our very best in this matter.


Leif Ahlborg





May 16-2011

Strangnas Hotels




Suggested Hotels in Strangnas are as earlier mentioned:



+46 152-18680

Double SEK 995



+46 152-22880

Double SEK 1000

Double Budget SEK 800

Single SEK 700






May 11-2011

Official testing in Nora May 14-15, is cancelled



Unfortunately, I have to inform all drivers who are on the way to Nora for official testing May 14-15, that this session is cancelled.

The very sad reason is, that our Swedish Federation, Svera, is not able to provide a full Resque Team.




April 19-2011

New partner to be announced.




The F2 Mercury Grand Prix and Axcel Sports have secured a sponsorship agreement for the 2011 season making the New York headquartered motorsport apparel manufacturer the official apparel supplier of the F2 Mercury Grand Prix Series. Axcel Sports is already producing apparel for teams in Class One, OSS, Formula One, Formula Lights and Formula Three and will further expand its growth within the powerboat racing community by sponsoring the Scandinavian series.


Axcel will design and produce all of the series officials apparel as well as offer a discount to all teams and drivers for any of their apparel needs. Brian Burley who is the founder and CEO of Axcel Sports is excited about the newly established relationship.

“Axcel and its employees are very excited to have partnered with the F2 Mercury Grand Prix Series for the 2011 season as their Official Apparel Supplier".


"Motorsports is what drives our company from the very heart and core of our business, and we look forward to building a strong and long lasting relationship with the F2 Mercury Grand Prix Series, its promoter Leif Ahlborg and all the teams and drivers.”


Axcel Sports manufactures motorsport and extreme sports apparel as well as high performance technical protective gear from driver suits, shoes, gloves to full team apparel lines as well as retail merchandise.




April 19-2011

New logo to be presented



After start cooperating with Mercury again, we also like to present a new logo for the future.

Quite new style, a bit retro.

Hope You all will like it.

We will insert it further on.


New badges & stickers will be produced as well as other products.




April 15-2011

Advance Programme F2 Mercury Grand Prix 2011


The Advance Programme 2011 is now announced, also distributed to "driver prospects".


Advance Programme F2 MERCURY GRAND PRIX, 2011




April 13-2011

Ketchup effect in Formula Mercury,  F4S



What we have been waiting for during the last couple of years, now seems to be effected.

There is a great interest in this category for 2011. We gladely notice, that we will have drivers from

Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden ready for race. For the first round in Strangnas we sure will se

the largest field of Scandinavian drivers ever.


This category will be invited to all three events organised 2011. There will be a series concept presented soon

including the World Cup race in Karlskrona.




April 5-2011

Title for the Scandinavian series 2011


Sorry for the delay of announcing title for the Scandinavian series 2011.

The intention was to announce last Thursday March 31. After long time negotiation

we now finally are ready. The title 2011 is "FORMULA 2 MERCURY GRAND PRIX".

The logo will be sligtly refreshed by Mercury advertising department.


We will fullfill the intention with the new series format earlier announced as per following link,

NEW SERIES FORMAT FOR SCANDINAVIA 2011". This idea has been welcomed of most people involved.

We hope this will help to offer most possible amount of drivers to each event as well as keep great interest

amoung drivers who does not invest in the new Optimax....


Regarding "Race Format", there will not be any important changes.

After long time struggle with the international calendar, we now are ready to work on Advance Programme

and Handbook for 2011.




March 23-2011

Title to be announced Thursday March 31.




As already mentioned, we will now concentrate on the three nice events on the calendar below.

There will be a Title announced for this series of races announced, next week on Thursday.

We are happy to notice, there are already several international teams reday for first round in Strangnas.

Stay tuned




March 17-2011

"Three race"  calendar for Scandinavia.



Finally, late March, UIM has now announced an official race calendar for F2 WC.

This means, we now know the present WC dates.

This also means, that we now can start final planning for the 2011 season.


The intention for 2011 was a five race calendar.

At the very end we had to cancel two of planned events. 

This is of "certain and a taste of political" reasons.

One event was planned for Poland, but that event has been upgraded to F2 WC.


We will now concentrate on three events of high international standard.

These events fits very well in to the present F2 WC calendar.




  Venue Nation Class



May Shake Down in Nora Sweden F2/F4



May Strangnas Sweden F2/F4


  June Donaujvaros Hungary F2 WC


  June Cagliari Italy F2 WC


  July Cichowo Poland F2 WC


  Aug Den Helder Holland F2 WC


  Aug Karlskrona Sweden F2/F4 WC


  Sept Aalborg Denmark F2/F4


Sept Evian France F2 WC



We now look forward to the 2011 season.

It will be a pleasure to present Aalborg, the new venue in Denmark

We are well prepared.


More info will follow the next couple of days.




March 5-2011

Bimba winning in Qatar


  Oh what a Swedish lady. I mean Bimba Sjoholm winninng second race in Qatar

after a second position on Friday. Seems we have a new candidate to win F1-F4S 2011.


Also many gratulations to Jona Andersson and Shaun Torrente winning very important points for the 2011 over all.

Believe Jonas and Shaun will trigg each other to many nice victories during the 2011 campagn.




March 2-2011

Formula Mercury F4S, 2008



Mikael Frode AB is selling Molgaard 14" Catamarane. This is the boat that was over to

USA for promotion service. Boat is only tested by Chris Fairshild, never raced.

Info: Molgaard 14' Catamarane, type Formula Mercury composite boat, UIM reg. nr. 191, serienr. 0756,

orange colour, Mercury 60 EFI EPT 4S 2008. Ready to race, galvanised Bålsta trailer reg.


Price: 195000:-

Ph: +46 854133333 
Mobile: +46707135500
February 20-2011
Race dates planned since October 2010
21  May        Strangnas           Sweden          F2/F4
18  June       Kongsvinger        Norway          F2/F4
30  July        TBA                     TBC                F2/F4
13  Aug        Karlskrona           Sweden           F2/F4 WC
3    Sept       Aalborg                Denmark        F2/F4



February 14-2011

Status per this very moment

"Yes, I am following the guide lines I have received from the Nordic National Authorities. We have worked with a concept, including a provisional five events race calendar, all the way since October last year. There is a concept including media coverage to be presented at the time for Stockholm International Boat Fair. Drivers will get brief information earlier. This was my comment on Face Book February 5th.


January 22-2011

New drivers for 2011



Very happy to notice, that my baby borned 2002 now finally seems to have grown up.

After just a few interesting years from 2005, Germany did develope most drivers. We now

see some new Swedish drivers announcing their interest. Some even already did purchase boats & engines.


This means, we will invite this Formula Mercury (UIM F4S) again to our F2 events 2011.

There are five events planned. Let´s see what Oskar Samuelsson, as Class coach, says.




December 30 -2010

New Concept for 2011





2011 will be a new critical year for our F2 category. I mean, at end of 2010 we still do not know much about the UIM WC series 2011. There is a long list of 8-10 events around Europe presented. A situation similar to end of March 2010. Information to me from official UIM source says, no calendar will be officially presented before beginning of February 2011, after knowing which organisers did pay the fee end of January. Seems there also are some issues to sort out between UIM and the Team Association & Drivers representative.


We will also see an "engine change" for 2011. This means, we will se an interesting technical development. This will cost money. Not all drivers seems to be able to find budget for this development. Important question is, do we miss drivers or not.


We have been planning for five "Scandinavian" events for 2011, starting up last weekend in May in Sweden. We are ready to announce the races as soon as we know if there are drivers enough available. If not 12 possible drivers, there will be no series organised by No Limit 2011.


Important issue is the UIM WC series. If there will be ex. eight confirmed WC rounds, there is no longer any idea to try to organise a regional series up in the north. Teams can not afford to participate in more than the WC series. This could possibly kill the further development of this category. I mean, drivers can not start their career within the WC. This should possibly not be allowed from UIM side.


To continue to see also possibilities in this situation, we are prepared to suggest a quite new "series format" for Scandinavia. The idea is to give drivers not able to buy new engines & propellers for 2011 a chance to compete both with Optimax and SST120 engines. Enclosed You will find a document explaining this new idea, "NEW SERIES FORMAT FOR SCANDINAVIA 2011".


If there will be questions showing up, please do not hezitate to contact Leif by phone or mail.




November 14 - 2010

World Cup F4s (Formula Mercury) 2011





    4-5  June        Epinay           France

  9-10  July         Aluxne           Latvia

12-13  August    Karlskrona       Sweden

27-28  August    Berlin             Germany




Aug 14 - 2010

Stark winning Karlskrona Sail Festival F2


Last Saturday we had the final round of Scandinavian F2 Open in Karlskrona under the flag of Karlskrona Sail Festival. As usual there were some 20 000 spectators. Drivers from five nations were participating-

Stark Sweden did win first Sprint in front of Johan Coenradi Holland Johan Osterberg Sweden annd Uvis Slakteris Latvia. In Sprint 2 Slakteris did win in front of Osterberg, Kourtzenovski Russia and Coenradi.

Startorder in Grand Final was Slakteris, Osterberg, Stark and Coenradi. Stark made a terrific start and came out first lap in the lead. He did not fail at all. Stark did win Grand Final in front of Coenradi and Slakteris.

Winnwer of Scandinavian F2 Open 2010 is Uvis Slakteris Latvia 241 points in front of Erik Stark Sweden 223, Johan Coenradi Holland 216, Mette Bjerknaes Norway 124, Stanislav Kourtzenovski Russia 117, Johan Osterberg Sweden 100. All together 2010 we saw drivers from seven nations.




August 9 - 2010

Succsess in Uddevalla together with ClassOne



We again can proudly report a great international field of drivers representing six different nations.

Very interesting was to see the two Optimax rigs racing against the 2L carburator engines. Surprising is that Sven Jansson Sweden using his Optimax was completely outmanuvering rest of the field. Unfortunately he did barrel roll in the second Sprint on Sunday. Now Uvis Slakteris Latvia did take over. The Norweigian Mette Bjerknaes has improved a lot since first round in Horsens. We also saw Russian Stanislav Kourtsenovski, normally racing F1 and Pal Vilrik Nilsen Norway joining the event.

We were in favour to join the ClassOne proffessional resque organisation. On top of five traffic boats and three tow boats we were watched by four proffecional resque teams from Spectre, normally operating on the Swedish west coast. We also had a kind of "first aid resque tent" where even minor surgery could take place.

Podium winners was Slakteris winning Grand Final in front of Erik Stark Sweden and Johan Coenradi Holland. Over all result for the season shows Slakteris Latvia 168 points ahead of Coenradi Holland 142, Erik Stark Sweden 142, Mette Bjerknaes Norway 86, Owen Jelf England 68 and Rick Ivar Hakonsen Norway 63.




July 31 - 20

Three drivers are missing Uddevalla

My good Polish friend Tom Roszinski, did blow his new catamarane over when testing during last weekend. Tom is OK, but boat needs some repair. See picture below.

Alex Carella from Italy is reported, needs to concentrate on his business within his own company at this very moment.

Josef Robayan from Kuwait also has to concentrate on his Kuwait business.

Anyhow, we have a very qualified field of drivers ready for the Uddevalla battle. It is "World Class". So, the spectators in Uddevalla will join, possibly the most spectacular Boat Racing event in Europe season 2010.




 July 31 - 2010

Roszinski flip in preparation for Uddevalla.

My good friend Tom Roszinski, who is building the Rostyle boats, did unfortunately flip during testing for the race in Uddevalla. He was testing the new designed boat with the new Optimax and new propellers. Tom was doing some 187 km/h, but Tom told me, he made a drivers mistake. He now need to recover himself, and repair the boat.

Tom is consulting his doctor, and we hope he will be back in Karlskrona. Tom is happy about the performance of the boat. Good news is, that the boat is behaving as described in the UIM rule book. It does not need the UIM "air bag".  In spite the accident, drivers head was all the time over the water level.





July 29 - 2010

Yes, it is true. Pal Virik is back in Scandinavian F2.

It is with great pleasure we can announce Pal Virik coming back to Scandinavian F2. He was racing with Penzoil back in the early 2000th century. Pal is normally doing the ClassOne, but this year Maritimo is concentrating on the Australian series.

Maritimo is supporting Pal in his F2 racing with us up in Scandinavia. Pal is, in Uddevalla and hopefully also Karlskrona, racing as part of the GeTel Racing Team. We know he is getting a very competitive rig from GeTel Racing. Will be a very interesting come back. Pal will show up with the Maritimo Hospitality Trailer.





July 20 - 2010

It is a great honour to have the pleasure

to present the largest F2 field of drivers for the last three years up in the northern Europe.

Seems there now is a situation where drivers concider racing or not racing because of the poor situation for UIM F2 World Cup series.  For Uddevalla we have 12 drivers representing 8 different nations participating in the race:

1  Johan Coenradi,  Holland

2  Johan Osterberg,  Sweden

3  Owen Jelf,  England

8  Erik Stark,  Sweden

9  Mette Bjerknaes,  Norway

15 Sven Jansson,  Sweden

16 Rup Temper, Austria

19 Ola Pettersson, Sweden

51 Uvis Slakteris, Latvia

69 Bastin Frederick, Belgium

77 Stanislav Kourtsenovsky, Russia

88 Pal Virik Nielsen, Norway




July 13 - 2010

Alex Carella, new driver for Scandinavian F2 Open


Alex has joined the Finnish Mad Croc F1 Team for 2010. Alex has started his F1 career in a terriffic way, taking points in his first two races ever.

  Alex did finish second in S:t Petersbur, after his Team Mate Sami Selio. So it was "a double" for the team in S:t Petersburg.

Alex BaBa boat became a bit damaged in Donauvaros a few weeks ago during UIM F2 WC. Alex like to race much and he like to participate in Uddevalla as well as Karlskrona. Massimo Roggiero promised to fix the boat, so Alex will show up.




July 13 - 2010

Presenting possible new driver for Scandinavian F2 Open


The Russian driver Stanislav Kourtsenovski did be back in Formula One in the race in his hometown  S:t Petersburg July 10-11.



Even Stanislav is a bit interested to race in Uddevalla. Depending on if it is possible to rent a 2 L for his "sprint DAC".  I did give an idea to Stanislav. We will see if it works.




July 13 - 2010

Presenting new driver for Scandinavian F2 Open

During my visit to S:t Petersburg for second round of UIM F1, I did meet many new interesting people.



On of them is Bastin Frederick, World Champion in Waterski Racing. He was radioman to Stanislav Kortsenovski this race.  Interesting is, that Bastin has a complete DAC rig at home in Belgium, ready to race. Bastin will come to Uddevalla for his first race. We wish him very welcome to Scandinavia.




July 12 - 2010

Oskar Samuelsson joining the new concept "F1 Junior".




We now proudly present the first Swedish driver to join the Formula One "Junior series". First race will be in China October 2-3. There will be another two races in China plus one race in Qatar and two in the Emirates. Oskar will be the driver representing Sweden & Italian Rainbow Team, owned by Fabrizio Bocca. Oskar is supplying his Molgaard boat and IDEA Marketing is delivering a free Mercury 60 hp Four Stroke engine, same as used in our Formula Mercury. The boat will be decorated in same manner as the F1 boat within the Team. F1 driver is Italian David Padovan.

Oskar needs to pay the flight tickets for two persons to each race. That´s all. IDEA Marketing is covering Hotel plus container transport and tents for this projekt.

This deal was concludced in S:t Petersburg during second round of 2010 Formula One, by help of Leif Ahlborg.




June 12 - 2010

Presenting F2 in Karlskrona August 13-14



We now proudly present the Scandinavian F2 Open Event in Karlskrona. We had a very nice Press meeting on Tuesday June 8th.

For an over all presentation, please see Karlskrona Sail website www.karlskrona.se/sail. This will be a four days festsival presenting a lot of entertainment, starting up Wednesday with a large "Crayfish Party" organised by, in Scandinavia, well know Wallmans Salonger.

On the water there will be even more racing than F2. There will be sailing Match Racing on Friday.

We will all stay at a brand new Scandic Hotel, see www.scandichotels.se. We have managed to get very resonable prices, as follows: single & double for SEK 650. Tripple is SEK 850. All including breakfast. Booking code is "FOR100810".

More info will follow soon.




June 9 - 2010

Confirming F2 in Uddevalla August 6-8




Leif Ahlborg & Jan Erik Blöe Hanssen are confirming the cooperation within Swedish Grand Prix, Uddevalla August 6-8, 2010


This idea has been discussed all the way since January 2010. A lot of different issues have been processed during the past months.

This event will probably be the largest Powerboat Event in Europe 2010. I mean F2, which is the class next to Formula 1 in Circuit racing, plus the largest and fastest Offshore Catamarans in the World at same race site. There is nothing more to add.

F2 & Class One Pit area will be next to each other. F2 Pit area and Class One Hospitality Village will be open for spectators. Additionally there will be a lot of other activities around. There will also be a huge VIP-Lounge available for Sponsors.

Please look in to www.sgp-offshore.com  More info will follow soon, both here and on the SGP-web. Now, look at file "Races 2010".


Leif Ahlborg

Int. F2 Promoter


February 25-2011
Race dates planned since October 2010
under our umbrella are as follows:




28     May             Strängnäs               Sweden           F2 & F4

17     June            Kongsvinger             Norway           F2 & F4 

30     July             TBC                        TBC               F2 & F4

14     August         Karlskrona                Sweden          F2 & F4 WC 

2-3    Sept.           Aalborg                    &




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